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Thank you for looking into this magic adventure of all our Trolls and the history of the Troll and the Magic world We will be happy if you will write a message to us and tell us what you think
Skrevet af Cheryl, d. 28-11-2009
Love your website. In my years of collecting troll, I have never encountered such a knowledgeable and informative site about Dam trolls. Keep up the incredible work. (pic. of me & my trolls 2002)
Skrevet af James, d. 15-11-2009
I can't believe how quickly my Giant troll arrived from Denmark, I love her...just perfect!
Skrevet af Bente, d. 12-11-2009

Så gøy å sjå så masse fine troll. Artige utrykk. Tusen takk for titten. Kjem tilbake hit å ser på trolla.
Skrevet af James, d. 09-11-2009
Dam trolls are just the cutest! Thanks for this informative and fun troll website. I'm looking forward to receiving my new Big Girl troll, hopefully she'll be here on my birthday in a few weeks with a little luck!
Skrevet af Penny, d. 06-09-2009
I just checked back to look at all the trolls old and new, I love this site, checking out all the trolls I might be able to collect! I'm waiting on Santa now, I hope he will come with grey or brown reindeer, that would be great and it would be really good if you could get extra reindeer too, then you could have one (or more) of each! Thanks for keeping up a great site - Penny
Skrevet af Lotte Jensen, d. 24-07-2009
Hey!Jeg vil lige starte med at rose dig for denne side - den er virkelig godt lavet. Jeg er i den lykkelige situation at have fået foræret to søde trolde af en kær ven - troldene er 44 cm høje - under deres ene fod stor der
TH DAM (så en cirkel med et c i) og så årstallet 1979 made in Denmark Men der er ikke noget nummer af nogen slags på dem? Jeg vedligger foto så du kan se dem - det undre mig der ikke er noget nummer?? Håber du kan hjælpe mig? På forhånd tak
venligst Lotte jensen
Skrevet af Shelley Patenaude, d. 25-05-2009
Hi Soeren, I am really looking forward to going to the dam troll factory this year! It's going to be so much fun, and thank you for letting me, otherwise my dream would have never come true!
Skrevet af Shelley, d. 24-02-2009
Hi there Soeren, just wanted to drop a note to tell you to keep up the good work on the website! I enjoy looking at the wonderful photos you and others have taken, thank you for emailing me back. Sad about my viking trolls eye, but hopefully if everything works out this year, I will be able to visit the factory in the Summer! I heard from a man called Timm that he had the experience of a lifetime (: I will love dam trolls forever!!
trollish greetings,
Skrevet af madafossa, d. 25-01-2009
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, first to sign in 2009 :o) :o)

Best wishes to all this new year!!!!!!!!
Skrevet af birthe og kaj, d. 21-12-2008
hej søren.
mange tak for din hilsen i vores gæstebog. vi skulle også lige se om der er sket noget nyt, her på din side. det er bare en super side du har lavet. god jul til dig og din familie, samt et godt nytår, mange tak for en masse gode snakke i det gamle år.

mange gode tanker kaj og birthe
Skrevet af Traci Trujillo, d. 28-11-2008
Happy Trollkey Day Soerne! (Thanksgiving)
Just wanted to share a bit of what'z been happening here with us since the the boy'z have settled in and hanging out with Theo. We have named the boy'z, "Zeke & Teke" sounded truly fitting to give them such a BIG TUFF sounding name beings that they are just the opposite. My girl'z and I have totally enjoyed each and every one of our visits to your store. Seems that we just can't get enough! I must share a bit about how I got my very first DAM Troll Doll back in 1965. Theo came home with my Daddy on the first day we met when I was just a toddler. He was serving in the Veitnam War and out to sea when I was born. Why he chose Theo I don't know, one would think that being overseas and buying your baby girl her 1st baby doll he might of chose one in pink and with a bottle, not Theo and his red checked shirt & blue overalls. I have cherished theo all these years and kept him safe and sound in my cedar chest. Until my 10 year daughter found him a few months back and decided that Theo needed some friends and she wanted to start her own collection, and then we found YOU and are so happy we did! Because without you we wouldn't have Zeke & Teke. As we take our weekly trip trolling around the world to visit your "Trollrific" neiborghood, I'm enjoying each trip more and more as I share my childhood memories with them as we together make their'z. We must ask you, Please share with everyone just what it was or how these darling little DAM Trolls came into your life? Are you related to the Thomas Dam Family? We're trying to send a Picture for you, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Troll'in Terrific New Years!!!
Skrevet af Holly, d. 26-11-2008
Hi! I started my Dam troll collection last year with the purchase of a 9” white haired girl. Since then, I have added a couple more girls and even a few boys (the majority having white hair)! Looking back through the years, trolls have always been a part of my life. I guess as long as I have my trolls, I will live in my childhood forever! Thank you for my troll family!
Skrevet af donna, d. 23-11-2008
thank you soeren for all your help with all my troll related problems and questions..i have collected trolls every since they first appeared here in the u.s.a and am still hunting them..we are 3 generations of troll lovers now and have enjoyed our family outings to look for new FAMILY members to add to our collection...this year my 4 year old niece will be receiving her first troll for christmas.. i am sure she will be as hooked on them as the rest of us..thanks again and MERRY TROLLMAS!!
Skrevet af Lauren, d. 16-11-2008
I started collecting trolls this year & already have 20!
I love them & would love to win the Christmas trolls !
Thank you! :)
Skrevet af Majbritt Christensen, d. 14-11-2008
Hej Søren
Tak for en kanon side, det er altid rart at se på de nyeste opdateringer herinde

hygge fra majbritt

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26.11 | 13:24

Hej , hvor koster de?

26.11 | 13:22

Hvad koster denne ? Og hvordan køber jeg den?

03.11 | 09:31

Jeg har et par trolde, som er blevet orange og meget klæbrige. De har stået fremme på en hylde i stuen væk fra sol og varmeapparater. Hvad gør jeg?

23.08 | 20:45

blev lavet til Aalborgværft, som gave til malerne som havde årsdag eller andet