Roberta Sipp 25.09.2019 03:00

Roberta Marie Sipp
16 Wisteria Drive
Fredonia NY 14063

Dear Toy Company,
Hi! My name is Roberta Marie Sipp, I’m a freshman at Jamestown Business College and for my communications class.

Karin K. Sørensen 29.06.2019 09:46

I have a '1977 Skovtrold Pige med hale' in original condition with tag.
I'm considering selling it, but have no idea if she's collectible? 23.04.2019 15:18

the 2.5 in 3. inch dolls were the first produced for sale?

Andrew Margrie 26.03.2019 09:24

Good morning, I have recently been given a Dam Troll and wondered if you could help me with some more information about it please? Many thanks

Dam Things APS 26.03.2019 12:15

Please write me at best regards Dam Things

Deborah Marshall 06.02.2019 14:01

Would I be able to purchase Trolls in the varying sizes from you via a wholesale account? I would also like to have them delivered without their hair. TY

Dam Things 26.09.2018 19:34

Why would you like to buy it from Norway ???

Diana Hankland Kloepping 25.09.2018 20:31

Hello,is it possible to purchase new Dam dolls from Norway if I am in the US?
Kind regards, Diana

Natalie Poole 09.08.2018 20:02

I have one white troll and one black troll,both naked. I got them from my grandparents. How can I tell if they are dam trolls. Horseshoes on the feet of one?

Dam Things 10.08.2018 11:06

Please write me on I will explain the different of your Trolls Kind regards Dam Things Aps

Bonnie 12.07.2018 08:18

Hello, we have traveled to Gjol to visit - but can't find the address?

Sanna 22.05.2018 21:37

Hej. Er det må nogen måde muligt, at købe en receptionist gjøl trold nu til dages?

Anne Koch 05.05.2018 17:19

Hejsa. Kommer der et “Dam” træf i år. Jeg har nogle fine tegninger lavet af Dam til min morfar for mange år siden, jeg ville tage med. Venlig hilsen Anne Koch

Beritt Mathiesen 11.05.2018 19:35

Desværre ikke, men kontakt mig, for Troldemuseet vil da meget gerne se hvad du har.

Jorge Delarosa 02.05.2018 17:49

I am making a documentary about The Troll Hole, a troll doll museum in Alliance, Ohio, USA. I would like to film and interview your company for the movie.

Calle Østergaard 03.05.2018 08:18

Hi Jorge
Please contact us on : - with a little more details about your project so we can see how we can help you out.

Inge Elbek Sømod 22.03.2018 08:05

Er det muligt at købe troldene i Gjøl ?
Mvh Inge

Susanne 08.03.2018 17:03

Jeg har lige givet mit lille barnebarn min datters gjøl trolde fra start 90’erne. Hun er nu bange for at de kan indeholde noget ikke børnevenlig kemi ??

Sandra Samson 13.03.2018 14:39

Hej Susanne
Hvis du skriver på : kommer dit spørgsmål direkte til den der bedst kan svare dig på tekniske spørgsmål.
Dam Things

Paul Rapp 07.01.2018 20:16

We just got a 1986 hiker troll with bright green hair. We disrobed it and it had bright green underarm and pubic hair! Seriously! Is this normal? I have pics!

Dam Things ApS 08.01.2018 11:39

Dear Paul please send us picture of your Troll on
Best regards dam Things Aps

Allie Harrison 08.12.2017 13:24

Hi! I am interested in the creation of a special edition Troll Doll for Uncombable Hair Syndrome.

Reverend Jen Miller 27.11.2017 22:54

Calle Ostergaard visited my NYC Lower East Side Troll Museum in 2007. I enjoyed our conversation & am sending him a note via email to


Calle Ostergaard 29.11.2017 11:41

Hi Jen

I did not see any message from you ?

Sandy Dziok 23.10.2017 01:35

I am looking for some of your anniversary trolls. E-bay prices are too ridiculous. Where else can buy them? 27.09.2017 10:50

Does your company buyback trolls?
I have one from the 80's that is in good condition

Cathy Kristiansen 14.08.2017 21:07

May I use a troll drawing by Thomas Dam for a short blog I am writing about the origin of today's troll popularity, please? 3rd row on left

sandra 15.08.2017 10:11

In order to consider your request we need to see your drawing you have in your mind, please send this to Kind regards Dam Things Denmark

Mia Ponzo 25.05.2017 05:05

I hope you speak English 😊 I would just like to ask a question about the large 16" trolls made in Denmark that are being sold by and others. ...

cindy meyers 05.05.2017 00:03

I think it would be great to produce the 3 headed martian or the knight troll in a limited edition version. It would a great source of income for the Dam Co.

DAM THINGS 08.05.2017 11:16

Dear Cindy due to already existing licence deals this would not be possible for the next years.

Birte Bak 10.04.2017 21:52

Godaften. Jeg har en gammel trold, som måske er en Dam trold. Kan I hjælpe med afklaring hvis jeg sender billede?
Venlig hilsen Birte Bak

AnnaSofia van Hooijdonk 21.03.2017 19:11

Are there still trolls for sale?
Where can I find them?

Karen Wood 06.03.2017 21:10

Do you still sell Dam dolls wholesale in the US? I know RUSS use to have the license?
These would do great. Cam we import them?

Kim Hansen 20.02.2017 05:30

Hi I am from Australia and would like to know how can I purchase them, as your website is still not working

Javier niz 11.12.2016 21:36

Hello im a collector fan. I see in the page fangold your luky troll in gold and plate color . I am in spain . How can i buy this items?thanks im very interested 22.11.2016 07:06

Hello, I live in the United States and I am inquiring about the troll that was created that has the angel wings attached to the body I collect angels and I would be interested in possibly purchasing one… Blessings Patty

Rodney Grubham 18.11.2016 07:51

i am living and working in Denmark, home in UK, where can i buy dam trollshere in denmark? I live in Middelfart

Kathy Roemer 15.11.2016 22:09

Hello, I would like to purchase Dam Troll Dolls, 3 "variety made in Denmark not in China. Where can I prichase them?

Susan 26.10.2016 14:16

Please send me the photos.

Gitte 15.10.2016 19:00

Har i den danske tekst oversættelse af Cant stop the feeling ?
I så fald vil jeg meget gerne bede om den, så skolekoret kan synge den på Skørping skole

Dam Things 19.10.2016 17:24

Hej Gitte

Vi kan anbefale at du kontakter 20Century Fox i København. De er distributører af filmen og kan sikkert hjælpe dig med kontakt til rittighedshaverene

Lucas 14.10.2016 08:57

Hej, kan man få speciallavet Trolls med firmalogo på maven?

Linda Malenich 05.10.2016 15:21

Do you have s Facebook page?

Dam Things 04.08.2016 08:54

The new non toy line of DAM Good Luck Trolls can be found at Harrods in London where they carry a nice assortment of the new products.

Gracie 04.08.2016 02:15

If there a place in UK where I can buy new dam trolls? Or do you still produce them new so I can buy online? Thanks p

Ask 24.07.2016 07:14

Good mornning
I want ask u where is the showroom in london for troll doll

Dam Things 28.07.2016 12:54

Well, there is an assortment of the new design line of Trolls in Harrods that you will be able to see in London.


Susan 30.05.2016 16:43

Hi - I am also looking for a blue elephant Dam 1960's troll - I think they were made in New Zealand or Australia - do you know where I could find such a troll?

susan 25.10.2016 13:59

Sally Mackenzie 23.10.2016 04:36

Hi Susan! Dam trolls were made in Tauranga New Zealand. I have a grey one and a creamy white one. They are really beautiful. Could send you a photo...

Susan 30.05.2016 16:41

Hi - I would like to purchase a 1965 pencil topper dam troll with glass eyes - do you know where I could find one? or two?
Thanks 01.05.2016 20:30

Is there a DAM fan club? Did he make 2 headed trolls? 09.03.2016 16:59

Were Troll banks made only in Denmark? If I buy one, will it be made in the years they were only produced there? 28.12.2015 18:05

hello, I have 2 autographed oil paintings from my fathers inheritance.marked thomas p.
any idea of the value...circa 1940s i think..p.jensen

Dam Things Aps 02.02.2016 12:24

Please send picture to we would like to se those

Kind Regards
Dam Things Aps

Gracie 03.11.2015 16:28

Hi! I have 2 trolls that are animals. I know theY are dam because I can tell. but they are not marked dam can I send pic so you to tell me about them? Thanks GC

Calle Østergaard 03.11.2015 23:30

Yes, you are welcome to send images to:

We will give you our comments as soon as we have been able to
see and evaluate the images.


Dawn Runyon 26.10.2015 22:21

I need to identify 2 woodcarved dolls both marked DAM, can you help identify and give estimated worth?

Calle Østergaard 27.10.2015 09:36

We would need some images of your dolls to make any comments about them.
You are welcome to send images by e-mail to:

Lone Jensen 17.10.2015 08:09

Hey, I have to small soldiers in pewter marked DAM 1985, I cannot find anything about them on google. Any-body who know something about them?


Calle Østergaard 21.10.2015 11:23

Hi Lone

I would like to give you any information we have if you care to send me
a couple of images by email:

Best, 30.08.2015 08:22

I would like to purchase some of your troll dolls. I live near Houston, TX, USA. Your website is hard for me to follow.Please send me information .

Pat O. 19.08.2015 01:30


I would like to purchase a troll like the one that I purchased at the Norway pavilion in Disney World in the 1990s. Do you have a retail web page?


Helle Nikolajsen 22.06.2015 02:40

Hvordan sikrer man sig at det er en ægte dam trold man har fået er de alle mærket? 31.05.2015 05:30

Do you have a location that I am able to buy your troll dolls here in America? We did a cruise to Copenhagen but couldn't find your exclusive troll dolls.

Klaus Jensen 28.05.2015 19:43

Hvilket navn brugte Thomas Dam medens han var træskærer? Jeg har et par træfigurer som jeg har arvet efter min far Hartvig Jensen som var nevø til Thomas Dam.

Søren Petersen 16.06.2015 17:49

Thomas mærkede sine figurer i bunden med DAM . Han er født Thomas Poulsen Dam.

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blev lavet til Aalborgværft, som gave til malerne som havde årsdag eller andet